okay I lied… Only one available now since the other got taken down. (and for some reason not this one)

Prints Here

here have some butt

so sorry

Classes have been really kicking my ass and taking all the creativity out of me… Hopefully things will calm down a bit soon so I can get back to running an unpopular blog XD

Love you all <3

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Oh dear oh dear! I am so sorry for my absence! So dearly sorry but I should be up and running within the next few days if not later today :)

Here is a gif to make up for my absence.


@marilynmanson: @BillyZane with me in the daytime. #seizethedaybed @therookandraven. Carpe Dingus

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okey, now it’s 100 times better

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MM Through The Years

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1 - Your favourite and least favourite songs(s)?
2 - Your favourite and least favourite album?
3 - Favourite Band member?
4 - favourite and least favourite era?
5 - favourite outfit of your favourite Band member?
6 - have a favourite ship/slash?
7 - what member do you wish had not left?
8 - Favourite (or dream) band member line up?
9 - Favourite song from each album
10 - favourite Manson quote
11 - favourite painting of Manson’s
12 - favourite Twiggy dress
13 - Favourite Interview?
14 - Read Long Hard Out of Hell?
15 - have all the albums? if not specify which ones you own!
16 - ever met one of the members? if so tell what happened!
17 - Seen a concert of theirs? tell the highlights!
18 - What Manson merch do you own?
19 - what is one of your Favourite group pictures?
20 - Favourite picture of Manson himself
21 - Favourite song Manson has covered
22 - favourite music video
23 - favourite Manson contacts
24 - How YOU found Marilyn Manson and the song you discovered him with.
25 - favourite manson blog